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Safe Support Chat

As I sat in a volunteer Coordinator’s meeting on a Tuesday morning with other Sexual assault centers, I quickly learned that there was an ongoing theme. Coordinators were all voicing the same concerns about how the pandemic left their agencies vulnerable without the support of volunteers. Specifically in our agency, MPSSAS had lost 31% of our volunteer base within the last two years while the increase of support seekers had quadrupled. I felt comfort in knowing we weren’t alone but saddened to realize that many survivors were going without support. This loss made it challenging for sexual assault centers to sustain the quality of care we all would like. I then began my mission of slowly building and recruiting new volunteers to our agency. I asked some of the volunteers why they continued to provide support for individuals in such a difficult time in their lives, and the response I got was uplifting. One of the volunteers said, “being a volunteer at MPSSAS means truly hearing, providing support and empowering folks who are facing challenges; to strengthen their capacity and inspire hope and change in themselves and their situations.” This gave me hope that someday soon our agency along with other Sexual assault Centre’s would bounce back from the loss of the heart of each agency, the volunteers.

Are you someone who is concerned with sexual assault and other gender-based violence issues in your community? Would like to work as a volunteer (by online chat or telephone) on the “Sexual Assault Help Line”, or "Safe Support Chat" from the convenience of your home? Wants to improve your listening and support skills? Looking for an excellent educational opportunity? Would like to mentor another survivor, with your own healing knowledge? If you answered "YES" to any of these questions, please join us for a 30-hour training and educational opportunity. The focus of this training session is to prepare volunteers for our agency's 24/7 "Sexual Assault Help Line", which provides support and referrals to female/all gender survivors of sexual assault or for our online "Safe Support Chat" which provides regular daily anonymous chat regarding impacts of sexual violence to support seekers. Please contact or call 705 646-2122 for more information.

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